"1 By Two" Malayalam movie review

'1 By Two' Malayalam movie review
The first half, everything was there to convince that "1 By Two" Malayalam movie is a perfect thriller, but when it comes to second half, narration seems to have slipped out of hand. Director Arun Kumar Aravind is known for his offbeat films, while here it is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. The film disappoints in a sense of execution level and over to that exaggerated level of rendering completely imbalances the proceedings. At last, it is watchable one for some good effort......

 Story revolves around the life of twin brothers Dr. Hari Narayan and Ravi
Narayan (Murali Gopy in double role). Both are different in their respective behaviour and in this affair we have Dr. Prema (Honey Rose), who is pretty close to Dr. Hari. One of the twins gets killed in a road accident and it all happened in front of Yusuf Marikkar (Fahadh Faasil), a police officer with Karnataka state.

 There begins the investigation process of cop as he smells something foul around the family of twin brothers, where family members go beyond to hide this mystery murder. There we have some other characters, as well Meghna (Shruthi Ramakrishnan), who is an air hostess. To make things more complicated, one who still alive from twin brother's distract the case and psychiatrist Dr.Cheriyan (Shyama Prasad) also leads the case to confusion. Now the whole story concentrates on who got killed whether it is Hari or Ravi ?

 Scenarist Jeyamohan's story has grasped that element of thriller, but unfortunately it all spoiled with substance of doubt pertaining to supernatural act. Arun Kumar Aravind again goes on for something different and this time arrow from bow, went out of its direction. There are points, you may ended up questioning yourself. Visual composition looks in good touch with the hands of Jomon Thomas, so does some nice works in between with cuts by Editor Prejish Prakash.

 Murali Gopy managed it quite well, perhaps with some lag, may be due to dual behaviour of character. Fahadh Faasil looks a bit fall in perplexed situation around his character and it was not up to expected level. Honey Rose hasn't get too much to explore, while Abhinaya, Shruthi Ramakrishnan, Ashwin Mathew, Shyama Prasad, Azhagam Perumal and others have given their usual to their respective roles. For the banner of Universal Cinema, Rakesh Bahuleyan is the producer of this film.

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