"Homely Meals" Malayalam movie review

Everyone loves to have homemade foods, but what if taste sour and tears starts to roll down from your eyes. Indeed "Homely Meals" Malayalam movie discusses dreams that would be achieved in a strange manner. Anoop Kannan and Vipin Atley picked on the correct spot, however some loopholes are there. Totally it is engrossing enough to draw your attention, deserves your time.....

Homely Meals Malayalam film review
 It is the story of Allen Mathew (Vipin Atley), who live cinema and do everything
to stay connected with this medium. He hasn't got that kick to start of his career, although he is well versed with photography and video filming. On a day, he meet Sajith (Kailash), who works in a private channel and get his chance to make television series.

 Allen shares his ideas of programme with Sajith, but destined to get something else from selfish and greedy friend. Sajith steals the concept of Allen's show and present it to chairman of Grace television, as his show titled "Homely Meals". But things took a dramatic change, when news reader of this channel, Nanditha (Srinda Ashab) and gang of goons led by Mosappan (Rajesh Sharma) enter the plot, which forms the rest of story.

 It is definitely a brilliant attempt from director Anoop Kannan compared to his debut directorial 'Jawan of Vellimala'. Vipin Atley's script was simple and conveyed the basic outline in an effective way. Although it has it inadequacy in the making and the duration could have snipped, as 2 hours 45 minutes consumes too much space.

 Georgy Joseph's cinematography was nice, same for editing by Babu Rathnam. Sartaj's music stays at okay level. Bijibal's BGM fit into the sensible narration.

 Vipin Atley the lead protagonist managed to pull off some good scenes, which shows his dedication towards his character. Srinda Ashab also rendered her character with ease. Manoj K Jayan was apt with his comic timing. Kailash, Nedumudi Venu, Shashi Kallinga, Neeraj Madhav, Rajesh Sharma, Sunil Sukhada and others have justified their respective characters.

 For the banner of Ricaro Pictures, Illias Zakkariya and Hussain are the producers of this film, which has been distributed by L J Films.

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