Sajan Madhav in the shadow of his father!.........

Sajan Madhan son of musician Raveendran
Sajan Madhav is the name which we recently seen his name in the music director tag of the movie "Yakshiyum Njanum" directed by Vinayan in the promos, but we haven't get into the mind that Sajan Madhav is the son of a great music composer of Malayalam cinema.

 Raveendran Master or Mash. You get it, Sajan Madhav is the younger son
of Raveendran Mash, like his father he took up the field of music direction and he given music recently to the latest Malayalam movie and few Telugu movies. 

 Let see will he live up to the expectation of his father's unmatched tunes that Raveendran mash given to the Malayalees.

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