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In the life of Cinema, an unpredictable turning point turns out an unbearable loss as Alummoodan Malayalam actor got heart attack as his last call. In 1992, Alamoodan was 58, when he died on the sets of Priyadarshan directed film "Adwaitham" and movie's Mohanlal combination scene was his last take as he fell down in to the hands of actor Mohanlal. His eyes gets closed when many precious characters awaits him in Malayalam cinema.

 Changanacherry's Chittipuzha, Joseph and Rossamma gave 
birth to the boy called
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P Padmarajan - An Invaluable Intellectual Persona....

It was the time, when he took up the pen to rewrite the destiny for Malayalam films and that era was considered as most precious and transcendent in terms of film making. His working guise have influenced many in new generation of film fraternity. Along with legends K G George and Bharathan, Padmarajan sets out to change the established methods in Malayalam cinema. On 24th January 2020, it was his 29th death anniversary and we all know him as P Padmarajan....

 Everyone who hails from the film field, affectionately calls him "Papettan". In all these years, Padmarajan lived along with cinema and with his sudden demise, he left a feel of sorrow and isolation for Malayalam movie lovers. 

 He left us far with his lessons and memories to be kept preserved on the reel. Somewhere it felt that, if he would have been alive today, then what would be his thought for the present generation....

 However Padmarajan's books and short stories
 had presented the golden years in the history of…

Sukumari : six decades of presence

Malayalam actress Sukumari had established herself as an evergreen presence in Malayalam and Tamil cinema in her career spanning over six decades. Her versatile presence in every niche, who could do roles of a loving mother, comical, strong characters or opposition roles with tremendous ease, Sukumari had acted with all prominent heroes and heroines of Malayalam cinema of the present and the past.

The 'Sukumari touch' had been the imprint of more than 3000

15 years past for classic music...............

"Parvanarajnithan" was the song of the Malayalam movie "Veliyazhcha", he first sang and later on K.J.Yesudas, his friend and well wisher invited him to the world of music direction. His name is Raveendran, popularly known as 'Raveendran mash' among the music lovers.

 On 1941, 9th November, Kullathupuzha in Kollam was the place where Ravi born. On his early schooling, Ravi was hardly able to made it to the studies. After completing his formal schooling, he joined Swathi Thirunal College of Music, Trivandrum. In this journey of

Kuthiravattam Pappu - A Tribute ........

Two decade have gone past that Kuthiravattam Pappu has left us. Kozhikode's street still apprise the stories of how Padmadalakshan became the 'Pappu' of Malayalam cinema. After that standing with his counterparts he never gloom in cinema field. His acting become big lessons for young generation stars and still reading in by books.

 Kozhikode Kuthiravattam 'Pannakattuveetil' Raman and Devi's son pappu's life was hard on him as a beginner. His miserable life led him to

K P Udayabhanu - soulful voice for sombre expression

Famous playback singer K P Udayabhanu now no longer with us but his soulful voice still gives smiles on face of every Malayalee. At the age of 77, he breathed his last at his residence in Thiruvananthapuram. 

 It past six year for the memories of K P Udayabhanu Malayalam songs that considered as paragon for sombre expression.

He was considered as the most senior playback singer in Malayalam cinema.

K P Udayabhanu put forward his steps in Malayalam music world as an announcer with All India Radio (AIR) in 1955. He was also the nephew of freedom movement leader and founder

Bobby Kottarakkara : Disappear in the Comedy

Time never stops for anyone, It will disburse everything in its way and move ahead. 2000, December 3 was the day when Malayalam actor and Comedian Bobby Kottarakkara died. Bobby was one among them who came to Malayalam cinema to live their dreams, but at last they left with nothing. He get the role of tea vendor, thief and other side roles in industry, although he left his signature in every character he played.

     On 1945, March 11, he was born to Pareedu Ravuthar and Hajeera bivi as their elder son - Abdul