Sathyan : Eminence beyond An Actor

Remembering Sathyan mash on 42nd death anniversary

Yesterday (June 15) was 49th death anniversary of legendary actor Sathyan and in this 103rd year of Indian cinema, we can't resist us to mention Sathyan mash in this glorified year. In his fourth decade of life, Manuel Sathyaneshan Nadar ahead with acting passion during his tenure of police inspector. Lets rewind some moments from this phenomenal personality's life.

 One believe is that Sathyan mash entry to the Malayalam cinema was mere a coincidence, while doing his job as a police inspector, Sathyan mash had already adapted the genes of acting with stage drama. 

 His interaction with a musician led him to meet the film personalities, in this way the year 1951 bring him to the world of cinema with his first Malayalam film "Thyagaseema" written and produced by K Balakrishnan, unfortunately the film hadn't reach the theatre screen. After resigning his cop job, Sathyan rewritten the rendering definition and attains success around the critics.

His first released film was Athmasakhi in the year 1952 and after two years in 1954 released "Neelakkuyil"  character Sreedharan Nair portrayed by Sathyan, highlights his presence in the film field, then rest is just history. 

"Naayaru Pidicha Pullival", "Mudiyanaaya Puthran", "Thacholi Othenan", "Yakshi", "Triveni", "Chemmeen", "Ningalenne Communist Aaki", "Odayil Ninnu", "Kadal Palam", "Thara", "Sarasayya" "Karakanakkadal" and other include his two decades of career in Malayalam films.

There was a time when films are being made at Madirashi and Sathyan mash stays at his separate cottage, where he used to play cards, discuss, smile with his fellow actors. For the movie "Kadalpalam", Sathyan won the first Kerala state award of best actor. 

Sathyan hadn't gave any trace of hazardous disease blood cancer to him, despite of his decrepit health, Sathyan continued his career as actor for ten years. On June 15, 1971, Sathyan mash leaved the arena of Malayalam cinema with tears in the eyes of his follower.

Published : 16 June 2013                    last updated : 16 June 2020

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