Kanaka - What Happened in Actress Life ? Cancer or Death myths

Remember Kanaka actress with wide eyes, thin beautiful girl. A heroine filled with mischief in every Malayalee heart.

kanaka mahalakshmi actress life and family
Earlier look of actress Kanaka Mahalakshmi
'Karakattakaran' is the first movie of Kanaka, which was a Tamil blockbuster and marked her arrival to the cinema field. After that more than 80 films in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada. She is the only daughter of yesteryear actress of South Indian film industry - Devika.
kanaka actress What happened in her life
Now, times have changed this beautiful girl's fate, with bobbed hair, Kavi costume, eyeglasses and face filled with sorrow, anyone can get shocked with this present scenario of Kanaka as actress gets age. 

She was all alone after her mother's demise 8 years back. After that she is leading the life of loneliness.

Her statement at the press conference in 2010 which came as a shocker to everyone as she briefed - 'After her mother's death, she gets alone. But she wants to feel her mother's presence in her life, by that she came into the contact of a lady named Amutha, who insist to bring back her mother's feel or her mother's presence'.

- Kanaka Married Life

Through Amutha, she came to know about the California based Mechanical Engineer Muthu Kumar, relation turned to love and on April 2007, Kanaka and Muthu kumar got married without revealing anything to anyone.

She revealed after 15 days of her marriage, she has not met Muthu kumar till now. She also said some cinema financier had abducted her husband. She also claimed to be threatened by them if she disclose anything to police.

-  Kanaka's father Devadoss narrates different story to the media about actress that her marriage didn't happened yet.

She is now mentally disturbed and due to that she is claiming about her husband. Devadas said that he met her only in 2008 after 18 years of divorce from yesteryear actress Devika. He advised her to marry someone as she is getting older. 

On this suggestion she replied 'Her marriage had happened in 2007, then who is her husband ?, where is his photo ?, why she is revealing this matter after 3 years ?, all these questions have no answer to her'.

'I don't know what happened in her past as she get mentally disturbed, I have been worried about my daughter's future and want to get back her normal in life', said Devadoss.

Kanaka's recent interview to a Tamil media by blaming her father for her life's current circumstances

'It's my father who have tarnished my mother Devika's career and also the person for my life's pathetic condition by spreading fake news about my life. His behavior with my mother also affected my schooling where my mother afraid that my father would separate me with her. She was my inspiration and support to start my career in acting', Kanaka said.


-  As account of life actress real name is Lakshmi Priya, who later on known by her reel name. She had been active for over a decade in this glamour world.


Nadigai means actress in Tamil language and in the Tamil film industry she did over 50 films.

 Karagattakaran 1989 Enga Orru Aattukkaran 1990 Purushan Enakku Arasan 1992 Periya Kudumbam 1995
 Thangamana Rasa 1989 Sathan Sollai Thattathe 1990 Samundi   1992 Katta Panchayathu 1996
 Seetha 1990 Amman Kovil Thiruvizha 1990 Koyil Kaalai 1993 Simmarasi 1998
 Muthalali Amma 1990 Vellaiya Devan 1990 Sakkarai Devan 1993 Thalaimurai 1998
 Periya Idathu Pillai 1990 Ethir Kaatru 1990 Thaali Kettiya Raasa 1993 Viralukketha Veekkam 1999
 Periya Veetu Pannakkaran 1990 Kumbakarai Thangaiah 1991 Kilipetchu Ketkava 1993

 Athisaya Piravi 1990 Sendhoora Devi 1991 Sakthivel 1994

 Durga 1990 Thalattu Ketkuthamma 1991 Jallikattu Kaalai 1994


In Malayalam cinema, Kanaka as actress attains success with her first movie called "GODFATHER"

kanaka actress godfather movie
Actress Kanaka in Godfather movie
After that 'Vasudha, Ezhara Ponnana, Veitnam colony, Golantharavartha, Kusurthikaat, Pingaami, Mangala Suthram, Vardhakya Puranam, Manaadiar Penninu Chenkkota Chekan, Bhoopathi, Manthri Kochamma, Narasimham, Ee Mazha Then Mazha' includes actress movies career with leading actors of Malayalam cinema. Her acting career includes few of Telugu films as well.

In Malayalam "Ee Mazha Then Mazha" is her last movie, which is being directed by K K Haridas and releases in the year 2000. Once Kanaka as actress shines in Tamil and Malayalam film Industry, but she leaves cinema arena after the death of her mother.



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Published - 21 March, 2010            Last updated - 22 April, 2023


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