Ratheesh - The Unsung Hero

On 23rd December 2022, it past 20 years when we lost our memorable and lovely Ratheesh, The actor who step back while on the peak of his career.

ratheesh malayalam actor

Ratheesh made his return to the Malayalam cinema after the gap, all conveys his elegance towards cinema industry and its lovers. 

Ratheesh Actor or a Farmer 

Ratheesh always prefers his first choice to be related to films, born on 1954 in Kalavoor, which was then part of Thiru - Kochi and now in Alappuzha.

Along with the Malayalam films, he also had his interest in farming, for that he also bought up a land in Tamil Nadu to do the farming, but the results not came in his favor. After not finding success in farming, Ratheesh perceived the financial crunch, which kind of disheartened him.
Entry into Malayalam Films
In the end of 70's, Ratheesh as actor made his debut through the 'Vezhambal' Malayalam film, with the small time role and later in 1979, his second small appearance came up with the film 'Ullkadal' directed by K G George.

With the beginning of 80's, the actor slowly started his journey to the success with the release of Bharathan directed 'Chamaram' and I.V.Sasi directorial 'Thusharam'. 

'Chamaram' showcased the actor as a lover, who waits for his lady love, It also include the classic song 'Nadha Nee Varum Kalocha Kelkuvan' sung by S Janaki and Music was composed by M.G.Radhakrishnan. 'Thusharam' depicts another side of Ratheesh, which enhances the more opportunities for him.

Ratheesh Filmography

'Ammakkorumma', 'Ahimsa', 'Ee Nadu', 'John Jaffer Janardhan', 'Gurudakshina', 'Oru Mukham Pala Mukham', 'Inniyenkilum', 'Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback', 'Ivide Igane', 'Unaru', 'Ottayan', 'Shatru', 'Akachiyude Kunju Vava', 'Ayiram Kannukal', 'Abkari', 'Thanthram' are the few films which include his stint in the 80's.

Ratheesh Malayalam actor in a scene.
Image courtesy - kksudhakaran.com

As on that era, Superstar's emergence effected the chances of mainstream heroes, in which one of them was Ratheesh. In that space of time, he find his characters in negative shades and the time gets passed when romantic action star Ratheesh gets out of the most paid actors list. 

After 1989, he had not acted in any Malayalam films, but was active as a producer in 1990 with 'Ayyar The Great'. This was the time, when actor goes through difficult time of his life. After the span of 5 years, in 1995, he returned to the Malayalam film industry with the movie 'Kashmeeram'. 

And then on the character of Mohan Thomas in the movie 'Commissioner' turn on the tide again towards Ratheesh by becoming the most sought after Villain, but as everyone say life is struggle, late on 90's actor just limits his character and done films like 'Danny' and 'Ravanaprabhu' was the remarkable one in his career.
Actor's Family
At the age of 48, Dec. 23, 2002, actor Ratheesh leaved the arena of Malayalam cinema with his memories of over 160 films. Actor's wife Diana Ratheesh passed away at the age of 54, on Dec.6th 2014. 

His daughter Parvathy Ratheesh is all set to follow her father's dream in films. Padmaraj, Padma and Pranav are the children of actor.
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Published - 23 Dec. 2012          last updated - 23 April, 2023


  1. I wonder what made him an alcoholic ( if I may use the word)? In film field particularly nobody can be believed. People whom one helped in need may not turn towards him, once he succeed and the other fail. Only human can be such inhuman.

  2. Ratheesh was one such persona, that no other Malayalam actor came across his acting mannerism.

  3. Yes Nobody can be believed in the industry as nowadays are considered, actor also become part of it.


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