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Bharath Gopi
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'Motivation has always considered as a boon...', especially in case of Indian cinema. If we cast our eye on history, it points that our ancestors had taken inspiration from several world wide movements to evolve the parallel cinema. It also inscribe that, in India it was inspired by Italian Neorealism, you might ask that what would be the relevance here. Well we have, Malayali's own Bharath Gopi  was one of them, who had saw the prospects of parallel cinema in Malayalam.

  • Bharath Gopi vs. Parallel Cinema

Bharath Gopi's life is a history of true Malayalam cinema. After 'Swayamvaram' and 'Uttarayana', the institution of cinema had changed its mode, but at that time assistance and support were provided by film society organizations.

In 1972 also, when Chithralekha Film Society came to the production field, there Bharath Gopi had played a significant role in the development of this society and art form. 

Bharath Gopi age

It is believed that Malayalam cinema had in its peak till the year 2000, potential 
writers, actors technicians have participated with their self inventions to change the industry and the credit should also go for Bharat Gopi who with his own style of acting, prepared the way for cinema lovers to think differently.

In 1981, With 'Yavanika'Bharat Gopy became the part of critics and applauds. With his body language he had portrayed the Tabla player, Ayyappan in the movie. He mesmerizes every one with his disposition and love in this film. 

- Bharath Gopi Filmography

Whether it is art or commercialization, he changed every bit of definition when he turned his path towards realistic films. During his career, health problems have derailed his wishes to do more for films and the paralytic attack led him to serve months in a bed. 

After the paralytic attack, he got the roles which he can enact with his body. "Padheyam", "Agnidevan", "Susanna", "Ormakkalundayirikanam", "Vasanthiyum Lakhsmiyoom Pinne Njanum" are the few films. He had also directed some films also but all went in vein.

Later in 2000, acted in movies like "Sethurama Iyer CBI", "Rasathanthram", "Nivedyam", "Nasrani", "Akasha Gopuram", "De Ingottu Nokiye" are the few.

With his style to set the emotional scenes had gifted new methods for emerging filmmakers, Bharat Gopi was an extraordinary actor with his extraordinary talent.

- Bharath Gopi as an Author

His view was - 'When the actor himself turned the character then acting will definitely find success'. This legendary persona's disposition skills had presented Indian cinema with many glorious moments. 

On 29th January 2021, it past 13 years when he left the arena of Malayalam cinema. Velayudhan Gopinathan Nair will always be remembered for his personage that he had breathed in his tenure.

His mannerism had shown competency to surpass the elegance of realism. Bharath Gopi authored two books "Abhinayam Anubhavam" and "Nataka Niyogam" symbolizes his journey along the shores of drama and Indian cinema.

- Actor Family

Bharath Gopi son Murali Gopy has dedicated a website on his father's name, which goes online on January 28, 2014. This website is keeping alive the memories and works of Bharat Gopy during his lifetime. 

Still remembering his lorry driver character 'Shankarankutty' from the 'Kodiyettam' movie directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, refers that how inestimable he was, for the cinema lovers. 

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