Kanaka denies all reports and rumours..

Kanaka denies all reports and rumours
Yesterday it was reported that actress Kanaka's life is in final stage, but today some reports of her passed away in Tamil media, led the actress herself to appear before the media. On this press meet, Kanaka denies all the rumours of her death and the health status. The press meet was arranged at her home in Chennai, where she laughed out at all those reports of her death.

 She said that, 'I don't know where these all reports are coming. If I have been to Alappuzha for the treatment, there must be some photographs in anyone's hand. These reports are just fake and no need to give importance to the fake news.' She also added that, Malayali's loved me the most and it saddened that the reports have been came from Kerala. Kanaka is perfectly alright and well with her health condition.

The actress also revealed that her last visit to Kerala was during the shoot of "Vietnam Colony". Reports that were clouding around online sites and some news channels have forced the actress to appear before the media. The news of her health status and death had went viral and now with this press conference, actress herself put an end to this all fiasco.

We have also reported about the actress health status, but with this we deeply regret that we followed the wrong reports. If anyone get hurts with our article, then we do apologize to them.

mollywoodframes.com and its team always pray for Kanaka's good health and may god bless her all the happiness of life....

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