P J Antony - Would Nirmalyam Remains The Greatest Dares Amid Controversy For Malayalam Films

First Bharath Award recipient means National award for Best Actor P J Antony left the world of Malayalam Cinema on March 14, 1979.

P J Antony Nirmalyam
PJ Antony in Nirmalyam Movie


P J Antony - Is There Any Controversy With Nirmalyam?

2023 marks the 50th year for the release of 'Nirmalyam' Malayalam film. So the question is about the controversy related with this Directorial film of phenomenal writer M T Vasudevan Nair and The scene which we are discussing about.

Nirmalyam Controvesy - What It is All About?

So The Nirmalyam Movie's scene is something went on like the character played by the actor P J Antony himself, was anguished by the idol of Goddess Durga and thereon the character spits on the face of idol.
Although the scene which we are considering here relates to plagiarism issue as well. As it was claimed that climax scene was taken from another play written by T Damodaran.
In the book 'T Damodaran - Life and His Works' written by scenarist and play writer's daughter Deedi Damodaran claimed that the climax scene which is plagiarized being taken from the play 'Udanja Vigrahangal' (Broken Idols) prepared by her father T Damodaran.

P J Antony - The Actor

The Actors Performance in the movie is still considered as one of the remarkable one. In the movie P J Antony done the character of a Velichappadu (Oracle of God), in a scene - where he fell to the death on the statue of Goddess, remains or set the perfect example for the next generations to come up in Malayalam films.
Nirmalyam Malayalam Movie Poster

P J Antony always prefers his first love was to be professional plays and after that he gave preferences to the movies, that's why this great artist had less movies to his name, while there were about 80 films added to his credit. 

A respectable figure in the play group K.P.A.C and he also established Prathibha Theatres in Kochi. His debut film was 'Randidangazhi' in 1957, which was based on the novel of Thakazhi Shivasankara Pillai.

We remember this Legendary figure on his contribution towards Malayalam cinema.
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Published - 14 March 2012            Last updated - April 26, 2023

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