Tribute : Adoor Pankajam

Tribute - Adoor Pankajam
On 1925, K Raman Pillai and Kunjunamma's daughter Pankajam was born. Parents want to give her daughter a better education but her interest in the Art Field change their mind and Adoor Pankajam studied till Sixth Class. After this Adoor Pankajam acted in endless professional dramas. In cinema, Producers given her a negative characters instead of that she has the ability to become the heroine. 

                  Adoor Pankajam proved that with the professional dramas, where she become famous as artiste by which she got
entrance to the cinema. Adoor Pankajam's first acted movie was "Premalekha"(1951), it was the twenty fourth movie of Malayalam cinema history witnessed.

                                "Premalekha" was produced by Udaya and movie had actors like P.Madhavan Kutty Menon, Vanakutty S.P.Pillai, S.R.Pullata, Joseph, Master Binoyee, Ommalur Chellamma, Ambalapuzha Meenakshi, Thankamma, Baby Girija, Omana include the actors who are no more with us. Pankajam had acted in about 150 Movies.

           If someone thought about writing history of Malayalam cinema, will never forget to include the character of Adoor Pankajam. She also been one and only comic actress the Malayalam cinema had in that era. Bahadoor's early years co- star was Adoor Pankajam, it was the time when Adoor Pankajam started to gloom in the industry, then Adoor Bhavani make her entrance to the cinema. Adoor Bhavani incidentally becomes actress with coming with her on the sets as companion.

                       Adoor Pankajam make her most in "Chembaram" and "Thulabharam" as mother of Shobhana and Prem Nazir respectively. In the later half she represented the negative roles which include the movie "Chayam" and "Panni Theerata Veedu". Later she moved to madras, when she decided to leave acting. She and Adoor Bhavani popularly known as "Adoor Sisters", later they formed "Jaya Theaters" for the Drama.

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