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Paravoor Bharathan
 Yesterday (Aug. 19), it was a sad moment for Malayalam film lovers with the demise of well known Malayalam actor Paravoor Bharathan. He was 86 and was under treatment for old age ailments.

Fighting with his old age, he kept that leaves of his era in Malayalam Cinema within him. Here we are remembering this actor named Paravoor Bharathan.

 Labourer Kochannan Koran and Kurumbukutty's son Bharathan born in Paravoor. His childhood narrates the sad part of the book, while he was a child, when his father died, leaved Bharathan's life with no clue. His mother and sister's
wages made him to spent nights without any food. 

 Bharathan's brilliance in mono acting gave him heroic status in the school. While acting in drama's, he tried to overcome the situation around his family, then Bharathan reached to the capital of Malayalam Cinema of that time - Salem.

 "Rakthabandham" was his first movie in 1951, It was the era of Govindankutty, G K Pillai and P J Antony in the negative roles. 

 In the middle of that, Paravoor Bharathan also jumped in the arena of villains. "CID Nazeer", "Maravil Thireev Sukshikyuka", "Muthuchippikal" "Lankadehanam" etc. include his 200 movies marathon of negative roles.

 Killer, Smuggler and Rowdy characters were all given to Paravoor Bharathan, later in the modern cinema, he made his image in the Comedy characters. He proved it with "Mazhavil Kavadi's"- Helper, "Peruvana Purathey Vishesham"- Martial art guru, "Mrugya" - Elder Husband, all these characters had emerged a laugh in the memory of cinema lovers. 

 Paravoor Bharathan had moved aside from the Malayalam cinema after having health problems. Former actress Thankamani is the wife. Pradeep, Ajayan, Madhu, Bindu are the childrens.

 Paravoor Bharathan acted over 1000 films. He was a strong communist, but some how our system fails to acknowledge the work of this man.

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