Review : "Urumi".

Vasco Da Gama's arrival in Kollathunad came as boost for Portugese to built their Kingdom. To save Kollathunad from betrayal of Portugese, A man lands - Chirakal Kochu Naynar, Kollathunad's warrior Kelu Naynar.

              Kelu smells the motives of Portugese, then begins the revolution against their Kingdom. Araykal Ayisha is the member of Royal Dynasty. Most beautiful princess got the eye of Portugese members. Parkis Kidnapped the Ayisha, She fought for herself and cut down the 9 out of 10 heads of Portugese. Womens power and value symbolized to the world was Kerala's brave Araykal Ayisha.

                            Kelu and Ayisha came together to destroy the Portugese era, that turns to war and struggle came to existence in the history in Malayalam movie "Urumi". After the movie "Ananthabhadram", Santosh Sivan ;directing malayalam movie "Urumi" has got Prithviraj as Kelunaynar. Bollywood star Genelia represent the character of Ayisha. With the changed scenario "Urumi" made up its impression by telling the story of Kelu and Ayisha, adapted beautifully in camera by Santosh Sivan.

Cast - Prabhu Deva as Vavalli, Amol Gupte as Chirakal King, Ankur Sharma, Nithya Menon as Princess Bala, Jagathy Sreekumar as Chenichery Kurup, Bharath  as Beerankutty, Arya (Chirakal Kothuval), Vidya Balan (Makkom), Robin Pratt as Vasco Da Gama, Tabu, Alexx O' Neil as Estavio Da Gama and other leading stars of the cinema.

                        With Shankar Ramakrishnan's Story, Screenplay and Dialogues gives touch to the epic "Urumi" and Santosh Sivan's Direction and Cinematography works look great. Editing by Sreekar Prasad. Under the banner of August Cinema's Shaji Nadeshan, Santosh Sivan and Prithviraj produced this malayalam movie "Urumi" came to the theatres through August Films. Nice costumes by Ekka Lakhani, Make up by Ranjith Ambady, Action by Anal Arasu, Sunil Babu done the Production Designing, Ahmed Khan, Madhu Gopinath, Vakkom Sajeev, Ulhas Mohan choreographed the songs. Stills by Paul Bathery.

                         Songs are really a good one by Music Director Deepak Dev and Lyrics writer Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri, with the voice of K.J. Yesudas, Shwetha, Prithviraj, Manjri and others sounds good.

                   Well nice movie, give it a look you will get that and share your reviews with us

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