Review : "Aazha Kadal".

Kalabhavan Mani in the lead role and new director Shaan directed malayalam movie "Aazha Kadal" is on review this time with the

                        As we said new director, it got some new touches, but later on it moves out of its story. It brought light on the lives of fisherman, who resides across the corners of the sea. Kalabhavan Mani portrayed the character of Kunjumon, who came back to his house after long time because he had some allegations about killing his father. After this incident kunjumon left that sea shore and return back after 16 years, which change a lot of people, but his family still feel that kunjumon is responsible for killing his father. Shruthi Lakshmi performed the character of Kochurani, who had some feelings for kunjumon after his arrival on the sea shore.

                          Vijay Raghavan played the character of a merchant, who want to make life miserable for these fisherman, then story started to move on the path of revenge and other issues, which turn the movie in to the another portion. P.Ramachandran under the banner of Pooja Films produced this malayalam movie "Aazha Kadal" had been storied by T.A.Razhak. Music came with no surprise as usual with the hands of Mohan Sitara and lyrics from Kaithapram and B.Shrirekha. Paduva Release bring this movie to the theatres.

                             Sai Kumar, Shammi Thilakan, Harishree Ashokan, Meghanathan, Jayan, Mukundan, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Manoj, Manraj, Appu, Geeta Salam, Sudheer Mubarak, Bindu Panicker, Ashraf Diwan, Sabitha Anand, Lakshmi Priya and other leading stars of the malayalam cinema will be seen in this malayalam movie.

                               Subodh Cherthala prepared the script and dialogues for this malayalam movie and Sallu George is the man behind the camera works. Biju Praveen is the executive producer of this malayalam movie. In this monsoon season in kerala, movie doesn't seems to be interest the masses infact of its some good portions, may be hard luck for Director Shaan.

                    Please share your views about this malayalam movie "Aazha Kadal" through your comments.....

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