KFPA gets new president.

Kerala Film Producers Association gets its new president with the tight resulted election. Producer Milan Jaleel is now the new president of KFPA and Shashi Ayanchira became the new secretary of KFPA. Election was placed at a hotel in Kochi.

                          Side of Milan Jaleel down the side of Siyad Koker and Mani, who ruled the KFPA till now. As per the new results, Alwin Antony and Shashi Kalliyoor is the vice presidents. B.Rakesh and Johny Sagariga are the joint secretary. M.Ranjith is the
treasurer with KFPA.

                                        It is important from the aspect of Kerala Film Producers Association to look in to the new matters as in the past fueds in the organisation caused many problems for KFPA and other organisation as well. Recently commenced strike in malayalam industry also not done any good faith for KFPA, so the result of election may be source to the problems.

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