Review : "Unnam".

If you had not watched the original hindi movie titled "Johny Gaddar", then go for this malayalam movie "Unnam", which is the remake of earlier one with frame to frame. This kind of films are not expected from the directors of callibre like Sibi Malayil, due to may be the scripting error. On some parts it lets you down, but "Unnam" treated like the situations, so make up your mind whether to go or not for this film.

                            Plot of "Unnam" is subjected to the underworld connections, A deal between a corrupt police officer and five members of a gang, but their effort to put the deal on goes vein because one among them try to become a smart. Asif Ali performed the character
of Aloshy, a musician, Lal enacted the character of Sunny who had some underground activities, Tomy's character is settled by Prashanth Narayanan, is in the Hotel Business, Nedumudi Venu done the Murugan's character, a gambler and Noushi done the character of Basheer match up the gang of this five. Sreenivasan summarised the character of a corrupt cop.

                                               Reema Kallingal essayed the character of Jenni, who is the wife of Tomy but is in love with Aloshy. Sareena done by Shweta Menon, who stay with Murugan with the son from her earlier marriage. whole and whole story moves unconventional way may be due to the poor screenplay by Swathi Bhaskar. Asif Ali was supposed to be the lead in the film but he fails to move the rest of the cast, Prashanth Narayanan was the highlight as he came up with the refreshing act. Lal, Sreenivasan and Nedumudi Venu gave the decent shots. Ajayan Vincent's Camera works are fine and songs are penned by Rafeeque Ahamed and John P.Varkey's music is hearable, as well not to in the above category.

                                                           We must have to say that malayalam movie "Unnam" misses its target to reach out the audience. For the banner of R.R.Entertainment and Kuniyil Productions, Noushi, Basheer and David Kachapally producing this malayalam movie has been brought to the theatres by R.R.Entertainment Release.

                                      We want your opinion about this malayalam film "Unnam", If you watched this film just drop your comments below............

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  1. A lot of Siby's name and fame can be attributed to the Lohi's pen.

    Without good scripts in hand, all a director can do is put together a lot of good frames and create an excuse of a movie.

    Great movies depend on great writing.


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