Review : Shikkari

Mammootty starrer malayalam movie "Shikkari" released all over Kerala last friday with something new on the story side, but it lacks some punch to provide more depth to this malayalam "Shikkari". Mammootty's presence is  a well watch in this movie and if you are a fan of Mammookka's acting then it will be a nice watch, otherwise it disappoints you......

                                 Abhilash's character is enacted by Mammootty, who is the software engineer by profession with the passion to do something different. On the sudden stanza of a Novel titled "Shikkari" by his friend, led to the period of Britishers rule. Journey begins with the Village where a landlord Rudranath Shenoy asked a British warrior Andrew's help to kill the ruthless Tiger, who often attack the Villagers. As per the Novel's point of view, there comes the second role of Mammookka, character
titled Karunan, a revolutionarist and came to this village to drag out Britishers. Karunan soon gathered the love of Villagers and became the love interest of Landlord's daughter Renuka performed by Poonam Bajwa. "Shikkari" novel is partially not available or not founded, In this expression, Abhilash goes out for the search of the remaining part of Novel "Shikkari". Abhilash went out to the Village, where this story took place and meet author's daughter Nandita(Second role of Poonam Bajwa). Later on Abhilash in his search spread out the love for Nandita and after this malayalam movie "Shikkari" took you to a rather not so happening experience and you may get disappointed with the story treatment.

                                           Abhay Simha came up with the good script, but in Direction Abhay could have been better. Innocent, Suresh Krishna, Tiny Tom haven't came up with their good performances. For the banner of K.Manju Films, K. Manju producing this malayalam film has been picturised by Dr.Vikram Shrivastava. Editing is done by Chotta Raman, while Music is prepared by V.Harikrishna.

                                                 If you liked it or not, just share your experiences about this malayalam film "Shikkari" through comments.......        

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