Review : "Josettante Hero"

An attempt to give hope for the low budget film producers, but failed to excercise this attempt on itself, Director K.K.Haridas directed malayalam movie "Josettante Hero" disappoints a big way, as the makers approach to this story is not digestable, while execution should need to be corrected. whole and whole not been to the expectations and at the end its your choice.

                                        Lets move on to the story, Producer Jose portrayed by Vijaya Raghavan, down to the debt and now searching for his survival. On this debt, there comes the ray of hope from the actress Haritha performed by Kriti Kapoor, who's been on the top
of heroine's list and it also been known that Haritha was introduced by Producer Josettan. Haritha offered her help to act in Josettan's next film and also lend him money for the financial process of film production. Now come to the cast the male lead, Superstar Ravi Prakash enacted by Ashokan, scheduled his dates for this film, but Ravi Prakash has his own intentions to clear out.

                                                       Another tantrum is now title "Josettante Hero's" hero is Saajan summarised by Anoop Menon, a still photographer by luck turned up the actor, came up for the cast of Josettan's film and who doesn't even know the acting, but later on Director performed by Nandu, gave him some basic training to turn him to the favorite star. Rest of the story dolls out as the real waste of time. Performances from the actors are not up to the mark, even Anoop Menon struggled to find his space for the acting. Script for "Josettante Hero" is totally not up to the level by Anzar Kalabhavan and Sathyan Kolangad. Music is just okay by Sajan K.Ram and lyrics were penned by Rafeeq Ahamed. For the banner of M.R.S. Productions, Salmara Muhammed Sharif is the producer of this malayalam movie "Josettante Hero".

                                                         Drop your comments about this malayalam film "Josettante Hero" below in the comment box...........


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