Review : "MLA Mani Patham Classum Gusthiyum"

Another attempt of last week, "MLA Mani" could done magic if it released way back in the era of "90's", Sreejith Palery had nothing to prove with this simple story or script as it was visible from its picturization, that it could survive on its own like a non swimmer forced to swim in the pool. "MLA Mani Patham Classum Gusthiyum" got thumbs down from us......

                                            Now come down to the story, Kalabhavan Mani performed the character of MLA Mani, who got his name with the teachers prefix MLA and his dream between his batch mates in school, which later on resulted into the big problem in Mani's life. On one fine day in his young age, Mani got arrested for some miscommunication and sentenced for about
eight years. With his return to his village, his eyes were searching for his Sister enacted by Vidya, who was raped by political goon Varkey portrayed by Vijaya Raghavan. After this incident of rape, Mani's sister kill herself for dark stab that put on by Varkey on her.

                                                With the arrival to his home, Mani felt betrayed and feel lost his everything, which grows the anger side of Mani and decided to take the revenge from Varkey. In this intiative of vengeance, Mani was helped by Benjamin and MLA Lakshmi Priya, summarised respectively by Siddique and Lena. Both Benjamin and Lakshmi Priya had some earlier issues to settle with Varkey, that's why they decided to support Mani, which proceed the further story to the another aspect. 

                                                              On the performance side, maximum scenes were stoled by Kalabhavan Mani, may be the title "MLA Mani" and his acting as usual with his own style suits the character and others managed to hang around Kalabhavan Mani. Harishree Ashokan, Vijaya Raghavan, Shammi Thilakan, Ambika Mohan, Lena and others include the cast. One thing we should love to mention are Songs, Kalabhavan Mani's music is lovable and strong with the "Naadan Pattu", Songs just soothes the sense with the voice of Kalabhavan Mani and lyrics from Murugan Kattakada. For the banner of Ane Mariya Films International, Joy Mulavinal is the producer of this malayalam movie "MLA Mani Patham Classum Gusthiyum".

                                            If you have watched it or not this malayalam film "MLA Mani Patham Classum Gusthiyum", just place your opinion in the comment box.........

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