Chackochan and Fahad Fazil penalized for their real act

Malayalam actors are still making their way to find out to make it to the news, but they are officialy get into the tantrum of incidents with Chackochan aka Kunchako Boban got spot fine for his sun film in the glass windows of his car. Ernakulam mobile court charged him the fine of Rupees 400 for this act, while 100 rupees is for not having the pollution certificate of his vehicle and on the other not removal
of sun film charged him extra 300 rupees. Magistrate asked him to get back to the court after three days by removing sun film from the window glasses.

                             "Diamond Necklace" glitters but the stars act in the movie land him in the trouble, we are talking about Fahad Fazil, who spotted with the case registered against him for lighting smoke in the one of the poster of "Diamond Necklace". Anti Narcotic Cell commissioners report turned out to be the problem for the star that leads to the case registered against him in Kochi Central Police.

                                 Well hope to see these stars get out of the trouble as soon as possible.......

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