Review : "Navagatharkku Swagatham"

It's sad to know that when good films are making their seemless effort to get on the good spectators in the theatres and on the other hand films get released which doesn't have any putted effort that it could return anything to the audience. In this category another movie added is "Navagatharkku Swagatham" is a total mess up from the point of Direction and we recommend to avoid this one............

                                       Rajashekharan portrayed by Mukesh, English lecturer at a college, a bachelor and his mingling with the student is so that they gave him a nickname "Appettan" with love. Along with that Rajashekharan also get the charge of Men's Hostel. With this duty of Men's hostel, Rajashekharan get more involved with
the student that they started sharing their love life with him as well. In this effort of love mentor Rajashekharan came across the several hurdles from his rival Aravindan, enacted by Vinay Fort and his friends.

                                       While moving on this path of giving tips to younger led him to the problem with the Women's hostel warden incharge Sreerekha characterized by Jyothirmayi. Twist in the love affair of Prashanth and Veena summarised by Rejith Menon and Shafna respectively, cause some unusual problems that led to the rest of the story. Jayakrishna Karnavar's direction and Kalavoor Ravikumar's script went wrong with the directionles, it could be made more lively, but doesn't happen. Lalu Alex, Deepak Murali, Anup Chandran, Rajasahib and others just done their parts. Anil Panachooran's lyrics were composed by Johnson mash, which is nice apart. For the banner of Dwarka Creations, K.K.G.Nair is the producer of this malayalam film "Navagatharkku Swagatham".

                                              If you watched this malayalam film "Navagatharkku Swagatham", Just have your say through comments............

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