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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review : "Ustad Hotel"

Dulquer Salman again turn on to give you a super taste at the silver screen with the movie "Ustad Hotel", with some emotional touch and good script, this simple story is executed very finely by the Director Anwar Rasheed. At the end it may give some cheer as well and another gripping plot from Script Writer Anjali Menon. A good one, reserve your seats at this "Ustad Hotel" to taste the Kozhikodan Biriyani........

                               "Ustad Hotel" narrates the life of Faizi portrayed by Dulquer Salman and his grandfather Kareemikka enacted by Thilakan, who owns a hotel named "Ustad Hotel". Now came to the real deal with Faizi, who belong to the rich parents and his father done by Siddique, and his four sisters settled in the gulf, while Faizi's ambition lands him in switzerland with Hotel Management studies and later on to the London. In this event
filled life Faizi decide to meet his grandfather Kareem in Kozhikode, on the other hand Faizi's father came across Faizi with the proposal of marrying a rich family girl Shahina performed by Nithya Menen, which later on develops to the love bits. In this Kozhikode journey Faizi discover his refreshing side of life which forms the rest of the "Ustad Hotel".

                                      Emphatic start in the first half, but bit of down in the second cause some trouble, but terrific performance by the characters led you to forget the mistakes. Dulquer Salman put a rest aside with his acting and proved himself a worth actor with this "Ustad Hotel". Thilakan no match for him with kareemikka's character, Nithya Menen, Mammukoya, Siddique, Bhagath Manuel, Lena, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Kunjan and others made their perfect presence in this film. Anjali Menon's script riding the success ladder with "Manjadikuru" and now with "Ustad Hotel" as well. Director Anwar Rasheed approached "Ustad Hotel" with unique manner, unusual from his earlier directions and the crew done his best to gave it a nice look. S.Lokanathan's visual gave some real touch and Mahesh Narayanan's editing is laudable as well. Music and Background from Gopi Sundar definetely needs a mention which gave some real sense while watching this movie. For the banner of Magic Frames, Listin Stephen produced this malayalam movie "Ustad Hotel" is being distributed by Central Pictures Release.

                                           Have your say on this malayalam film "Ustad Hotel" through your valuable comments..........


  1. dulquer's act is fine

  2. an overrated movie. first and second halves seemed to be written by two entirely different men.

  3. dulquer's acting is fine. but movie lacks something in the 2nd half. overall its a good one. thattathin marayathu won't make anyone unhappy. its a must watch movie.

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  5. boring movie, tried to deliver some massages but could not worked out properly. Dulqar's acting is not reached even average, hope he improves. Thilakan did very well with no doubt. Anwar rasheed tried to make a new generation movie, but we wont entertain this type of movie.

  6. i m happy coz he is better han pritviraj... Curse u rajjapa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!