Review : "No.66 Madhura Bus"

Good cast and a good director, despite this there are some kind of lack from the side of crew and director M.A.Nishad. malayalam movie "No.66 Madhura Bus" disappoints the expectations that the viewers would have from the Script by K.V.Anil and Director M.A.Nishad, though the lead actors managed gave their best shot and we leave it on you for your choice........

                     Revenge thriller begins with the journey of Varadan enacted by Pashupathy, to Madhura through road and on this bus, Varadan narrates his whole past life to Soorya Padmam performed by Padmapriya. Two childhood friends Varadan and Sanjayan characterized by Makrand Deshpande, working as a forest employees under the hands of self styled person summarised by Thilakan. Now came to the real crook is Bhavayami performed by Mallika, works as domestic helper in Thilakan's house and both of them Varadan and Sanjayan knows Bhavayami from childhood and have their love interest for her. when it came to marry Bhavayami chose the right person Varadan who works hard to earn his bread not like his friend Sanjayan who indulged in the criminal activities.

                             While on Varadan's married life was taken to miserable by his childhood friend Sanjayan and now the travel by bus to Madhura is a time for to pay back for Sanjayan's misdeed, which led to the rest of the story. Fine acts by actors like Pashupathy, Makrand Deshpande and Mallika, while Padmapriya and Shwetha Menon had not too much to count on, while Thilakan, Jagathy Sreekumar and Jagadeesh made their parts apart. Script by Author K.V.Anil looms between many lines to get on to the miserable ending. 

                                    M.A.Nishad's direction not came like his earlier film "Vairam" and disappoints a big way. Cinematography is at the fine level by Pradeep Nair, Editing is done by Samjith. Music is at the okay level with the hands of M.Jayachandran and lyrics from Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma and Rajeev Allunkal. N.F.C.Entertainments produced this malayalam movie "No.66 Madhura Bus" has been distributed through N.F.C.Release.

                                      Just share your thoughts about this malayalam film "No.66 Madhura Bus" through your comments.......

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