Review : "Ithra Mathram"

Kalpetta Narayanan's novel get the real platform to showcase its enigma, While malayalam cinema goes through several novel based movies on which some turned out to be a classic. On that pattern we can include this K.Gopinathan directed malayalam movie "Ithra Mathram" to the range of some category. "Ithra Mathram". "Ithra Mathram" could be more of serious one, but a nice attempt.....

    Proceedings begins with the death of a woman named Sumithra (Shwetha Menon) and now we get to know more about Sumithra from the eyes of few persons. 38 year old woman, Sumithra who has been passing on her loveless life with her husband Vasudevan (Biju Menon) in the village in wayanad. Along with them there daughter Anusuya (Malavika) get to know the importance of her mother after losing her. Now different persons convey their views about Sumithra in their manner.

             People narrates the life
of Sumithra include An old woman, who deposited her whole savings with Sumithra. A local professional, with whom she get into the sexual relation, A friend with whom Sumithra shared her whole emotions and a young guy, who's been like the son to her. "Ithra Mathram" travels through revealing and untouched life of a woman and climax goes through everyone forget the situation and leaves to their destinations.

             Director K.Gopinathan approached its beauty with the good manner, but its dialogue seems to play the spoil sport. Shwetha Menon proved herself that she deserve the every award of top actress with the top notch acting. Biju Menon, Siddique, KPAC Lalitha, Anoop Chandran, Prakash Bare, Nedumudi Venu and others made their roles in a suitable face. K.G.Jayan's direction of photography satisfy the needs with the cuts from B.Ajith Kumar. Isaac Thomas Kottukapally's Background score gives the good touch to scenes. Rafeeq Ahamed and P.Kunhiraman Nair's lyrics were composed by Jaison J. Nair. For the banner of Triangle Creations, A.I.Devaraj and P.K.Santhosh Kumar are the producers of this malayalam movie "Ithra Maathram".

                Let us know your thoughts about this malayalam film "Ithra Mathram" through your valuable comments......

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