"Ormakkyayi Oru Nivedyam" : Remembering Bharath Gopi...

"Ormakkyayi Oru Nivedyam" - remembering Bharath Gopi
One of the fellow and first actor during the parallel cinema gets the new meaning and during his time parallel cinema gets more vivid and enhanced. When Velayudhan Gopinathan Nair outclassed the behaviour of many characters with his own elegant way that resulted the name "Bharath" bestowed upon him...., Bharath Gopi.......

 Its now 8 years have passed with the memories of Bharath Gopi left with us. It was in 1977 and "Kodiyettam" was the movie, Sankarankutty's character prompt
the talent of Bharath Gopi, which later on appreciated at the National level with the Best actor award. 

 On Feb.20, 1986 was the day, when Bharath Gopi got paralyzed by the stroke, the time at which he was most successful, while this cause the break in an outstanding phenomenon of Malayalam Cinema.

 After the gap of almost six years, he made his return to the arena as a producer of "Padheyam" directed by Bharathan in 1992. there time came to his part, but he never compromised on his characters and till his last film his decision stands the same. On Jan.29. 2008, Bharath Gopi leaved the legacy that few people can gain......

  mollywoodframes.com remembers Bharath Gopi for his valuable contribution towards the Malayalam Cinema.

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