Review : "Lokpal"

Things that doesn't expected from the Director like Joshy, drops all the hope for this "Lokpal", even Scenarist S.N. Swamy treated the things that you may get bored, after watching in several past films. It looks makers dealt in a negotiation to deliver this malayalam movie "Lokpal" in the frivolous method. One time watch..., only for Mohanlal...

 Chef Nandagopal's (Mohanlal) restaurant is popular and people who visited their equally know the person Nandagopal. As it began with the Education department employee ask bribe from the students to leak the papers, there begins the effect of "Lokpal". Nandagopal also
been a social activist and want to eradicate the corrupt people's motive, for this he adopts the new name Lokpal.

 Website stuff has been prepared for the people, who had their problems with the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. However we go through the past of Nandagopal's life, which persistently disturbed him. In the meantime, with each new complaint we can see the Lokpal in different get ups. He wears the six different style, where he fight against the corruption...., forms the rest of the plot.

 Mohanlal is the one, who tries to handle the clumsy look of the six get ups, may be the believe in Director Joshy persuaded him to do this character. Script is not enough to look convincing in this generation, while S.N. Swamy could rectify the mistakes, which spoil the party. Kavya Madhavan and Meera Nandan looks like touch and go, where they had nothing too much to do. Manoj K.Jayan, Sai Kumar, Thalaivasal Vijay, T.G.Ravi, Thambi Ramaiah, Krishna Kumar, Maniyan Pilla Raju and others just gave the average level.

 Director Joshy doesn't take the proceedings in the right way, a bit of his last release interfere in the middle. Pradeep Nair's cinematography enjoy the good mood. Syam Sasidharan's editing didn't work out in the way it needed. Songs didn't favour the ambience with the hands of Ratheesh Vegha and Rafeeq Ahamed. For the banner of Happy and Ruby Cinemas, S.L. Vimal Kumar and Ruby Vijayan are the producers of this malayalam movie "Lokpal", which is being distributed by Aashirvad through Maaxlab.

 Let us know your opinion about this malayalam film "Lokpal" through your valuable comments.....


  1. first of all congrats for a well writen review,
    regarding movie, i felt script is the main villain, s n swami did not updated for the younger generation movie goers. its high time that either he should update himself or take retirement.

  2. looks like S.N Swamy sir was sleeping for the past 10 years...and suddenly he woke up and came in to the light for takking a movie :P hahah ;)


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