Review : "Omega.exe"

Binoy George directed malayalam film "Omega.exe"  is based on the conjecture rather than the limits of understanding. The film doesn't endeavour to make the things look in a convincing manner, as makers didn't gave a detailed scan to the script. At the end..., verdict is avoidable...

 Story talks about the software corporate honchos and their relationship besides their personal life, as it has software naturally computers add on to the plot, where three IT professionals Siddharth S.(Vineeth), Avinash
Anvekar (Harish Raj) and Nischal Verma (Sanchu) works in the same IT company. It goes through their life filled with distress and burden of their day to day scenario and they also have their co-workers include a java programmer Aleena Antony (Iniya) and other one is played by Sidharth Siva.

 Now the story turns to a dominating politician, who has his involvement in the businesses and corrupted to the root levels. In this mode three of the above IT professionals decides to hack the computer of this politician to catch his wrongdoings. On this hacking effort, three of them dug up the murder mystery perpetrated by the politician, where the rest of the story goes through this murder case and its proceeding to save a innocent man.

 Director fails to insert the twist it needed, which could hold some life to the script. Shaji Francis's script does not provide the support to convey the movie in an acceptable way. Visuals are at the average level by Bejoice, same for the editing works by Vipin Mannoor. Songs haven't suite the occasion, which has been composed by Ronnie Raphel with the lyrics of Chitoor Gopi.

 Actors have managed some average stuff for this kind of plot, Vineeth, Harish Raj, Sanju, Iniya, Akansha, Dinesh Panicker, Krishna Chandran, Mahesh, Malavika Nair and others gave what the script demands. For the banner of 3rd Act Creations, Shaji Francis is the producer of this malayalam movie "Omegadotexe".

 Put on your words here about this malayalam film "Omegadotexe" through your valuable comments.....

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