Boat capsized, Chackochan falls....

Boat capsized, Kunchako Boban falls in lake
Photo courtesy - Kunchako Boban fans
As we have reported earlier about Kunchako Boban's new movie "Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum", which is being directed by Lal Jose and the latest news from the sets is Kunchako Boban experienced a unexpected dip into the Karuvayilthodu lake, where the shoot of the movie was on schedule. However there are no reports of injury to Chackochan.

 The incident took place during the shooting of a fight sequence of the movie, in which
Hero's boat was supposed to chased by the villains. On the shoot one of the boats were collided with the Kunchako Boban's boat, which resulted into the capsizing of the boat and Chackochan fell into the lake. As it wasn't the big trouble, so Chackochan swam back to the shores.

 The shoot of the movie gets a halt for few hours due to this incident, but later it was restarted with everything back to the normal. Namitha Pramod is the heroine of the movie "Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum", while the film is being produced by Balcony 6 Entertainments banner.

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