Review : "Neram"

Director smartly stole the each moment (Neram) to weave the connected events that gives nice output to the movie "Neram", however on the stealing part, director Alphonse Putharen mentioned Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino's words 'I Steal from every movie ever made'. On the whole narration pattern here, somewhat develop the unusual liking, which makes this Malayalam movie "Neram" a watchable one.

 Lets move on to the story, Mathew (Nivin Pauly) a techie lands up in the complicated situation with the loss of his Job in the US-based IT company. Moreover, he is in love with his school time girlfriend
Jeena (Nazriya Nazim), while to get his sister Ann (Anju Kurian) married and other expenses, Mathew had taken the loan from moneylender and a thug Vatti Raja (Simhaa). For the past few months, Mathew hasn't paid the interest as well. Vatti Raja has already gave the enough time for Mathew and now he gave the last time for the settlement.

 On that particular day of settlement, mountain of problems are waiting for him. On this particular circumstances, his girlfriend Jeena ran out of her house because of her father Johnkutty (Lalu Alex) ask her to leave unemployed Mathew and marry someone else. Mathew somehow accumulate the money with the help of his friend John to give that to Vatti Raja and on the other hand Jeena is expecting her love Mathew would soon arrive at the bus stop. Some uninvited characters put Mathew in more trouble, which forms the rest of this film.

 Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nazim have once again graced the screen with their charm that they leave on the album "Yuvvh". Apart from that nice bit of efforts from the senior actors like Manoj K Jayan as Rayban, Lalu Alex, Shammi Thilakan as SI Ukken Tintu. Simhaa gave his best to the character Vatti Raja, while Wilson Joseph, Deepak Nathan, S V Krishna Shankar and others have managed their characters in a good way. Music here played the important part, especially in the narration BGM and the songs are really good with the hands of Rajesh Murugesan.

 Alphonse Putharen appropriately mixed the story, where one would feel that it could have been more vivacious in terms of humour. Although director was in full command of the situations and gave his best shot with the limited resources to manage this gripping tale. Visual composition by Anand C Chandran really fantastic that charged up the scenes that endorse the quality. Winner Bulls Films and Koral Vishwanathan are the producers of this Malayalam movie "Neram", which has been distributed by L J Films.

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