Review : "D Company"

An action anthology on the offer with Malayalam movie "D Company", which somehow manage to pull off the knot to save movie from falling deep into patience pit. On an impression, the movie gave the feel of tedious one, but the star cast and performances of actors gave some relief from the aching side of this said to be thriller one. At the end, enjoyable in parts and the movie is an average stuff.

 As the movie has three parts, so the first part is M Padmakumar's "Oru Bolivian Diary" and this part
concentrates on the tribal people, especially on Chinnan (Asif Ali), a tribal youth inspired from Maoist leader Chaukidar (Samuthirakanni), where the later one spread awareness around the tribal people about their rights. Police are on hunt for Chaukidar and on the other Chinnan wants to help Chaukidar for his cause. The story moves with flashback told by a police inspector to the reporter.

 Now, we go through the second part "Gangs of Vadakkumnathan", this diphan directorial pinch out the gangsters surrounding around the city of Vadkkumnathan, plotted around the main baddie Varaal Jaison (Jayasurya). With the arrival of police officer Akbar (Anoop Menon) to solve a murder case led to some more enigma covers the plot. The case and the goons have been tackle by both Akbar and his assistant portrayed by Unni Mukundan.

 Here we have the third part "The Day of Judgement" by Vinod Vijayan and the movie goes through the life of a doctor Sunil (Fahadh Faasil), who has being interrogated by Police for the charge of murdering his wife Zeena (Bhama). Investigation has been move on with a lady police officer played by Tanushree Ghosh and the plot revolve around the pressure handled by persons throughout this.

 The film has its charm and glow, but the punch of an action anthology is missing here, whether it is M Padmakumar, who kind of adopted his previous movies work and here some respite has provided by Diphan's "Gangs of Vadkkumnathan", which looks the better one. Writers have their own choices and the sync was lapse here. G S Anil, Anoop Menon and Rajesh Ravi have put on the best on the papers with their script. On the technical side, movie give some real touch with the visuals handled by Vinod Illampilly, Bharani K Dharan and Pappu. Editing stays at the okay level by Ajith Kumar, Samjith Mhd and Arun. Music has its place, which has been given by Gopi Sundar, Ratheesh Vegha and Rahul Raj.

 We have earlier mentioned that the movie counts more on actors credibility and here the show stopper was Jayasurya with his rusty look and the notorious gunda around. Fahadh Faasil no way go wrong with his rendering and again gave his basics right full on. Asif Ali, Samuthirakani, Unni Mukundan, Anoop Menon, Irshad and others have done their characters neatly. On female cast, which haven't got too much on the screen, Bhama, Ananya, Parvathy Nair, Tanushree Ghosh, Pooja Ramachandran and others have aptly performed their roles. For the banner of D Cutz Film Company, K Mohanan and Vinod Vijayan are the producers of this Malayalam movie "D Company".

 If you have made it to this Malayalam film "D Company", so do share your opinion about this movie with us... 

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