"Happy Journey" Malayalam movie review

'Happy Journey' Malayalam movie review
It could be an inspiration for those, who find hard to step further in motivating themselves. Boban Samuel directorial Malayalam movie "Happy Journey" tries to escape that major chunk of effervescence, which perhaps devoid the movie's chances of actual fruitage. This time again bet on gentleman's game, but with a different perspective and the wholehearted effort from Jayasurya is somewhat appreciable. On a verdict point, this movie is watchable one.....

 The story here traverse through childhood phase of Aaron, whose immense
talent in cricket game have earned him a place in Under-15 state cricket team. There starts seeing the prospect of becoming a sports star through the support of his mother Alice (Lena), Aaron went for practice under John (Sunil Sukhada). However destiny had written something else for him, where a tragic accident leave this boy in a permanent shade of darkness, that is blindness. 

 Moreover to that, he lost his mother in this most needful time. Now Aaron (Jayasurya) has grown up and working in a hotel, where he get support from his cousin Freddy (Balu Varghese) and Pranchi (Indian Pallassery). Freddy, a cool guy who use to have little spat with Pranchi, after all they enjoyed each others company. Aaron's dream of playing cricket had not died yet and that get new lease of life when he meets Gopikrishnan (Lal). Rest of the plot concentrates on how Aaron struggle to make it big in his life.......

 The director managed to try something new with this movie, especially in the narration portion. First half moves without any hassle and some good amount of dialogues keep the proceedings intact. In the second half, story starts to derail from the track and even things went on to test your patience. Arun Lal's script should have avoided that unwanted circumstances.

 Technical team have maintained quality of story telling with fine visual adaptation from cinematographer Mahesh Raj. Editing comes handy with Lijo Paul, while music and background score of Gopi Sunder have built the suitable atmosphere around characters.

 Jayasurya find success to emote the feelings of a blind person and he did full justice to his character. Lal and Aparna Gopinath have made it to their respective characters. Balu Varghese done his character with apt promptness. Lena, Sunil Sukhada, Edavela Babu, Seema G Nair, Srindaa Ashab, Madhupal and others have given their best for their characters. For the banner of Milestone Cinemas, Ashiq Usman is the producer.

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