"Praise The Lord" Malayalam movie review

'Praise The Lord' Malayalam movie review
What you can expect from the movie, which is solely dependent on god. Shibu Gangadharan's directorial ended up in a perplexed situation or if you take it in a normal state, in effect you could feel it like too melodramatic. It is based on well appreciated novel written by Paul Zacharia and hardly seems to have justified the same. Not up to the execution level and the mopish effort from crew that someone would have to "Praise The Lord" to save this one......

 Story here revolves around vastly rich farmer named Joy (Mammootty), who's
enjoying his family life with his wife Ancy (Reenu Mathews) and two child. He barely know something about outer world rather than his small town. But the problems are always waiting to land him up in the troubled phase, that one was gifted by his lawyer friend named Sunny (Mukesh), who ask Joy to provide shelter for young couples eloped from their home.

 Here two young lovers Samkutty (Ahmed Sidhique) and Annie (Akansha Puri), who are contrary in nature, where the boy has faith in god and the girl hails from modern background. There begins pool of tensions for Joy and on the other Samkutty's father Kunjukutty (Joy Mathew) also expresses his indignation over this relationship. Now rest of the story follows what happens in the life of Joy with entrance of these two love birds.

 The director fails to catch that feasibility lies over humour part and haven't tried anything else other than usual way. It could have been better if the scripting works maintained the situations clearly and scenes were stays at mediocre level. Pradeep Nair's cinematography was good, but you can't do anything without good execution of story. Editing looks odd with some of the portions and Shaan Rahman's music was just out of touch.

 On performances, Mammootty tried something different, but not that which match up to his caliber. Reenu Mathews lost out in imbalances with her character. Mukesh did his part well, so does Joy Mathew and Kalabhavan Shajohn. Ahmed Sidhique, Akansha Puri, Suresh Krishna, Indrans, Kailash, Sajitha Betti, Noby and others have just gave their usual to their respective roles. For the banner of Galaxy Films, Milan Jaleel is the producer of this film.

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