Review : "Swapaanam"

'Swapaanam' Malayalam movie review
Emotive substance is there to define the virtue of this masterpiece "Swapaanam". Shaji N Karun again displayed the hypothesis that beyond the thoughts of a hackneyed mind. Delightful histrionics have paid off beautifully for mesmerizing experience. The movie delineate the plight of a percussion artist and how he trails along cumbersome situation. Watch out for Jayaram, class performance from him and the movie definitely deserves your precious time......

 Unnikrishnan (Jayaram) hails from well known family of Chenda (percussion) maestro's. Coming up of age he also opt
for same that his brothers Achyuthan (P D Namboodiri) and Kuttan (Udayan Namboodiri) are doing for years. Now it became routine for him to accompany brothers to play 'Chenda' in various temple festivals. Meanwhile after getting impressed with Unni's immense talent in this instrument, a father invite him to marry his daughter Kalyani (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy).

 Both of them get married, but the problem started to arise with unusual behaviour from Unni that cause Kalyani to elope with her lover Prakashan (Sharath Das). Again like nomad, Unni confronts with Narayanan Namboodiri (Siddique), another expert in the instrument 'Chenda'. The things get intense when Unni begin to felt affection for Narayanan's sisiter Nalini (Kadambari). Now we go through different state of affairs when Kalyani came to know about all this extra marital affairs.

 Gradually Unni's talent moved to faded point and get addicted to alcohol. How he cope up with his mental imbalance and his search for serenity forms the rest of this narration.

 Shaji N Karun no words for him and the visage he caricatured through this dictum is laudable. The effervescence to showcase that complication of relations in the backdrop of art form, played the distinctive attraction in this story telling. There is no point of talking flaws about this movie, it's a once in a while opportunity to cherish. Visual medium get magnify through the cinematography of Saji Nair and the beautiful editing from Akkineni Sreekar Prasad.

 No doubts, Jayaram has produced gem of a character and this role has come up with one of his career best performances. He was apt from character's perspective, while Siddique also matched up to the role's exigency. Vineeth, Kadambari, Ashwini Ranga, P Sreekumar, K Suresh Kurup, Sajitha Madathil, Margi Sathi, Indrans, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and others have justified their respective characters. For the banner of Horizon Entertainment, M Rajan is the producer of this Malayalam film "Swapaanam".

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