Cheque given to Kunchacko Boban, was not bogus : Arun Ghosh

Kunchacko Boban files case against 'Romans' producer
Earlier it was the reports that actor Kunchacko Boban has filed a case against producer's of movie "Romans", Arun Ghosh and Bijoy Chandran. The case has filed for bounced cheque, which had been given to the actor as remuneration. Now one of the producer Arun Ghosh came forward with the claim that cheque given to Kunchacko Boban, was not bogus.

 "We had gave the cheque of Rs. 4.5 Lakhs before movie's release and later we had
settled the whole amount of remuneration with the payment of 50 Lakhs. So I have issued a stop cheque and with this first cheque of payment became inactive. This kind of charges against us, is for the first time and till date we haven't made such situation that someone isn't being paid in our movie" said Arun.

 "After over a year of release, I don't understand what is the logic behind this case. Rather actor had created lot of difficulties during the shoot of movie. Although we have managed it quite efficiently and completed the film" said producer.

 Boban Samuel directed "Romans" Malayalam movie speaks about two guys, who by mistake became the priest of local church in a remote village. Apart from Kunchacko Boban, there is Biju Menon in the lead character of this film, which termed as last year's one of the successful movies at the box office.

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