"Apothecary" Malayalam movie review

'Apothecary' Malayalam movie review
As a true cinephile, one would love to see far from just entertainment. But, here doubt is "Apothecary" Malayalam movie has delivered its seriousness or not ?. Otherwise a brilliant attempt from director Madhav Ramadasan, who has opted for subject that holds freshness in narration. Altogether a different approach from recent releases and for that this film deserves your precious time....

 Here story revolves around the life of Neurosurgeon Dr. Vijay Nambiar
(Suresh Gopi), who is now surviving through his lost consciousness (in a coma) at the same hospital, where he has served for years. It all happened because of unexpected road accident and now we move into his past life where he has his wife Dr. Nalini Nambiar (Abhirami) and their kids.

 The doctor get trapped in the system, where he was asked to perform duties against his ethics. Collusion of hospital management and pharmaceutical companies have pressurized him to put on clinical trials on poor patients in lure of getting free treatment over there.

 With the entry of patient Subin Joseph (Jayasurya), things started take another level in terms of perception. We don't want to play spoilsport by revealing further and for that you have to watch this one.

 Dialogue portions were a bit mundane, meanwhile script of Hemanth Kumar and Madhav Ramadasan, successfully reflects the dark side behind this profession. Really a treat to watch narration and the way director executed the sequences are praiseworthy. Sincere efforts were there and the team need special applause.

 Cinematographer Hari Nair's visual composition support that gloomy tone, which matched to perfection. Editing could have been much precise and Sheikh Ellahi's BGM suits the occasion. 

 Apprehensions were there in Suresh Gopi's character, but actor managed it quite efficiently. Jayasurya purely lived up the character and no word's for him to describe his rendering. Asif Ali looks in good touch in short role. Indrans pulled of his character pretty nicely. Abhirami, Meera Nandan, Thampy Antony, Seema G Nair, Neeraj Madhav, Kavitha Nair and others have justified their respective roles. Arambankudiyil Cinemas banner, Dr. Baby Mathew and Dr. George Mathew are the producers of this film.

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