Review : "Sapthamashree Thaskaraha"

Sapthamashree Thaskaraha review
After going through this "Sapthamashree Thaskaraha" Malayalam movie, mind got tingled with a quote 'When you love something with heart, then whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve the same'. The thought was apt for director Anil Radhakrishnan Menon, who executed this genre in a perfect sensible theme to generate an another wonderful visual experience. Graceful thieves are all there to captivate you.....

 Here story traverses through narration of Marty (Chemban Vinod) in the
form of confession before a priest (played by Lijo Jose Pellissery). Marty is a thug and was part of the robbery done by group of seven people. They are Nobilettan (Nedumudi Venu), who owned chit fund company. Next one is Krishnanunni (Prithviraj), who is gentle and quite voice in behaviour. Shabab (Asif Ali) had got prisoned in gulf country as well.

 Others are Leaf Vasu (Sudheer Karmana), Narayanankutty (Neeraj Madhav) and Salaam Pasha (Salaam Bukhari). All these seven are convict and are in Viyyur prison for different cases happened in their life. Some of them are persecuted around circumstances by a man (Joy Mathew). To take their revenge, seven of them join up to chalk out a robbery plan, which occurs in a humorous way and ends up with an interesting climax.

 Another Onam treat by director Anil Radhakrishnan Menon, while his first film "North 24 Kaatham" has also served the purpose. The way he prepared the script with intelligibility is commendable. At least one would enjoy the story telling through typical Thrissur slang. Suspense mode in the beginning and end, was intriguing.

 The cast was straightforward set on the standard and shows director's attitude towards his work. On technical aspect, camera works of Jayesh Nair was spot on with every sequence and editor Manoj Kunnoth maintained cuts in a delectable manner. Rex Vijayan's music and Sushin Shyam's BGM were there with rich impression.

 The biggest advantage was rendering of Chemban Vinod, definitely deserves appreciation for his effort. Prithviraj delicately approached his character, Nedumudi Venu was perfect, Asif Ali got a good opportunity and did his role in efficacious style. Sudheer Karmana, Neeraj Madhav, Salam Bukhari, Reenu Mathews, Sanusha, Irshad, Joy Mathew and others have justified their respective characters.

 For the banner of August Cinema India Pvt. Ltd., Prithviraj Sukumaran, Santosh Sivan and Shaji Nadesan are the producers of this film.

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