Review : "Ithihasa"

Ithihasa Malayalam film review
This fantasy comical thriller has every ingredient that a film need to become a perfect entertainer. On his debut venture, Binu S weaved "Ithihasa" Malayalam movie in an experimental mode and the script also been written on a fresh thread. It is a balanced narration, neither more nor less and on that aspect, this flick is a good one time watch.....

 It is about two thieves Alby (Shine Tom Chacko) and Vikku (Balu Varghese), who
want to live their own life on their own terms. They are different in nature so they got unexpected twist on the way with an IT professional Janaki (Anusree), who is pretty gentle and elegant enough to put these guys viability upside down.

 Now we have Janaki's friend Sreya (Swapna Menon) and Ann (Divya) to make things more complicated. Meanwhile something else was in store for Alby and Vikku, a historical ring, which they get during their larceny. With the effect of magical power ring, Alby started to evince feminine behaviour and contrarily Janaki puts on male idiosyncrasy and now rest of the part zooms around their new problem and how they deal with it.

 On performance side, everybody has contributed their part in a delectable manner. Anusree bang on with her dramatic change and did it pretty convincingly. Shine Tom Chacko efficaciously rendered his character with the touch of humour. Balu Varghese and Sunil Sukhada was there with comical quirk. Joy Mathew, Swapna Menon, Divya, Pradeep Kottayam, Noby and others have successfully delivered their contribution.

 As we said, as an experimental stuff, this flick scores utmost, but element of doubt sustain. Once you get into this story, then it would be easy to forget those slips. Director Binu S deserves appreciation for doing a commendable job. Of course credit also goes to scriptwriter Aneesh Lee Ashok, who prepared the script with whimsical touch.

 On technical basis, film gets good base with Sinoj P Ayyappan's cinematography and Run Ravi's fight sequences. Editing was average and the music of Deepak Dev has enhanced the viewing experience. For the banner of Arkmedia, Rajesh Augustin is the producer of this film.

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