Bahadoor - Laugh Past 22 Years

Bahadoor Malayalam actor
Bahadoor - laugh past 20 years.

Over spanning 50 years of his life in Malayalam cinema, Bahadoor had his last laugh on May 22 in 2000. He last made his presence felt in Lothithadas directed film 'Joker', his character of joker always ready with the smile to entertain the audience, that was well jelled up with the real life of Bahadur.

Bus conductor turned actor Kunjalu Kochumoideen Padiyath made his debut with the film 'Avakashikal' in 1954. 

  • Entry into Malayalam Films

Kunjalu met Thikurshi Sukumaran Nair through his relative that made P.K.Kunjalu to rename his stage name as Bahadoor

  • Film Career

'Padatha Paikilliturned his stars to the sky, After this there were his combination with S.P.Leela reigned the screens. Later on his screen presence with Adoor Bhasi turned out to be the gem for the Malayalam Cinema. People enjoyed every bit of Bhasi and Bahadoor team as their own life.

The actor also tried his hands at production with his production house 'Ithihasa Pictures' in 1970, but it couldn't gave any pay back to Bahadoor. Ithihasa Pictures produced 12 films not gave any good collections to survive. In the end of 70's he started a Black and White studio named K.C. Lab, which also gone down with his expectations as it was the era that turning to the color films. 

  • Bahadoor Filmography

Few of his films include 'Kaalathinte Shabdam' in which he portrayed the character of Nanu Pillai, 'Nair Pidicha Pulivaalu' as Keshu, 'Unniyarcha' as Kittu, 'School Master' as Damodaran, 'Chattakkari' as Rahim, 'Mandanmmar Londanil' as Mooppan, 'Malootty' as Kuttan Pillai.

  • Bahadoor as Family Man

Bahadoor was born in 1930 at Kodungalloor during the British India, which is now in Thrissur. Padiyath Blangalil Kochumoideen and Khadeeja's son turned out to be the unforgettable actors in the history of Indian Cinema.

Published - 22 May 2016            last updated - 30 March 2023

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