A R RAHMAN - The Music Millionaire.

A R Rahman - The Music Millionaire
A R Rahman at Oscars
With the Indian music industry, for sure Rahman is an endless name. whenever someone mention about Indian music, it recognize the face of Rahman. Music lovers hold their breath to hear his next composition with the passion. there is no other music director in the Indian industry, where people wait for Rahman's another magic......................

When his father died, he didn't knew what to do next, his family used to give music instrument on rent to end the meets - then began the journey of a master to capture the attention of the world.

A R Rahman's father R.K.Shekhar was a music arranger with
music director's, when he was 4, his father use to accompany him to the recording studio, where child Dileep show some magic, rahman played harmonium on the day that mesmerizes Music director Sudarshan, that he puts sheets on harmonium and then asked Rahman to play, child dileep (rahman) done it again as harmonium and tune was by heart to him.

House piled up with music instruments, when his father died then Rahman was 9. Rahman dropped many of his projects due to memories of his fathers, including many bollywood biggies (for "Slumdog Millionaire", Rahman dropped a Bollywood cinema.)

At 14 Rahman understood now time has come to take the responsibility of the family and he joined the Illayaraja's troupe as a keyboard player.he learned new lessons with each and every composers he met. Rahman even shared stage with the likes of Zakir Hussain and M.S.Vishwanathan. started doing jingles for advertisement at 16.

One incident changed his whole life, when rahman met Islam religion preacher- peer badri, who's prayer to Allah, save his sister from the mouth of death, after this incident Dileep (rahman) and his family adopted Islam and then Dileep turned to.................................... Allah Rakha Rahman.

With the release of Roja, Gentleman(tamil) - Rahman's waves hit the south India. Rahman's music become good marketing for many movies. After Roja all his film's music cassettes sold like hot cakes. With hamma- hamma (Bombay) song, which is a huge hit, people came to know the singing ability of Rahman. when he finished all his work by 10 pm, rahman enter the studio with sound engineer and director and after that "its all music." chaiya- chaiya (Dil se) song brought rahman to the international scenario. Bomabay-Dreams, Elizabeth, Lord of the ring is hugely applauded by the international community. Rahman feels that "Slumdog Millonaire" is the fast composition, he has done till today, which fetch him the two Oscar awards.

Arabic, Samb, Rock,Folk- patterns of music, rahman moulded beautifully with his songs. every time he gave opportunities to new voices and experimented with his music directors have fear of failure. there is rahman's favourite who sang lots of his composition include- Shahun, Unimenon, Sujata, Svarnalata, Suresh peters, Hariharan, Shankar mahadevan, Harini, Aslam mustafa, Blaze, rahman used them in all his songs but now rahman's choices are Karthik, Beni dayal, Shreya ghosal names are few of them. rahman prefers hindi singers for his tamil songs and other language singers for the hindi numbers is one of his trademarks.

Rahman is a true perfectionist. he even spend days or even months for his one song, whether he spends three years for his one album. rahman's future projects include- "Delhi-6, Ravana, Blue, dhun, chennaiyil oru mazhakaalathel, sultan the warrior, robot, marmayogi, maanvardinam, pulli, satyagrahi, the nineteenth step, bajirao mastani, rockstar, paani, bhairavi, chamki chameli, ashoka, nayarsan, bombila and beyatris, the heart of india".

Rahman says- "I have lots of dreams". "Earlier i have dreams but not have the ways to accomplish dreams. now i have the ways, but not have the time". we can't achieve what we thought but the enthusiasm to achieve it, is special".

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