"Thomas kutty Vittoda"- They are coming back.

"Thomas kutty vittoda", this line is very familiar with those who have seen the movie- In harihar nagar, whenever mahadevan scream this line, his other mates -Appukuttan, Govindankutty, thomaskutty- all were vanish from the spot. "In harihar nagar" was a huge hit and now its sequel "To harihar nagar" is on the floor.

After a long gap of 18 years
, lal (siddique-lal) going to recreate the humour of "in harihar nagar" with its second part -"To harihar nagar". story is about how these four friends meet after they settled in their life. Harihar nagar now turned to a new looking villas, all the past residence leave their old houses and only thomaskutty had a villa in harihar nagar, others were settled outside from kerala. Mahadevan now became a bussinessman, Appukuttan is a dentist and resides in Mumbai and Govindankutty in bangaluroo. they all meet together for the wedding of thomaskutty in harihar nagar and their neighbour in hariharnagar is Maya who is a famous celebrity and one day all these four incidentally came to see Maya after that begans the journey of fun and frolic from all the hiccups occurred in that way.

Mahadevan played by Mukesh, Appukuttan by Jagdeesh, Govindankutty by siddique and Thomas kutty is Ashokan and Maya's character given to Lakshmi rai and In the movie- in harihar nagar maya's role was played by Gita vijayan.

Other casts include Salim kumar, Janardanan, challipalla, Narayanankutty, Kochupreman, Rohini, Reena basheer, lena, Gita vijayan.

After 18 years now lal became a producer, Director, Distributor, Actor, Story writer- after splitting from Siddique, Lal tried his hand in other fields of the cinema and it works well.

Story and Direction- Lal.

Lyrics- Biju Thirumala, Music- Alex Paul.

Producer-Lal creations and P.N.V Associates(P.N.Venugopal)

Distributor- Lal release.

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  1. hey this is nice, it is really true about the sequel. I am glad to know that.Thanks buddy.


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