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K J Yesudas - A written account on Ganagandharvan
Five decades that has gone past his charismatic voice murmuring in our ears. He is celebrating his Seventieth Birthday on 10th january. For the film "Kalpadukkal", composed by M.B. Sreenivasan, young 21 years old boy called Yesudas recorded his first film song only in one take.

 On 1940, 10 jan, theatre artist and musician, Augustine Joseph and Elizabeth's elder son K J Yesudas's birth became virtuous for them.

 There is no Malayalee in this world who never heard his magnum opus voice.
Even in Sabrimala, Lord shri Ayyappan wakes up with his Suprabhatam and go to the sleep with his Harivarasanam. Dasettan's touch on Malayalam language and his rendering style made every song a gem in a million.


 1961, November 14, when Dasettan's charismatic voice recorded for a cinema called 'Kalpadukkal'. After that there is till now 60,000 songs in the name of this Legend in different language includes Tamil, Kannada, Telugu or Hindi. In the Malayalam cinema when Dasettan gave his voice to Prem Nazir, Satyan, Madhu, it becames there own voice. His different adaptation of voice matched every decade of Heroes , even Mohanlal, Mammooty, Jayaram and upcoming youngsters also feel humbled when Yesudas sang for them.

After Kalpadukkal, Dassettan sang the song for a film called Bhagyjathakam, it is the song "Adhyathekanmani" (P Bhaskaran and Baburaaj team) and for the film Neethya Kanyakeyeele the song is "Kaneermuthumayee"(Vayalar and Devarajan team).


At 70 and 80,s Malayalees who doesn't know much about carnatic music feel charmed by Dassettan's kacheries. Dassettan has the big role to popularize Carnatic among people. His Gandharvaganam, Kacheries became very popular among people. Mohanam, Shankarabharanam, Kalyani, are quite popular among people's. Through kacheries dassettan introduced kankangi, ratnangi, like very few ragams became very evident in many kacheries. Dassettan learned his classical from childhood as an 5 year old boy from his father Augustine Joseph was his first mentor.After that Kochi and Chennai became his destiny, there Dassettan learned classical music from Kunjan Velu Ashaan, P.X.Joseph, Shivaraman Nair, Raman Kutty Bhagavathar, K.R. Kumaraswamy, Shemakutty Sreenivas Iyer, Chambii Vaidyanath Bhagavathar, Pallavi Narsimahachar.

Malayalam Language from the Heart.

Whether it is "Pramdavanam", "Gopikavasantham" from the His Highness Abdullah. "Harimurali Ravam" from the movie "Aaram Thampuran" shows his caliber in the Malayalam language.


National Award for Best Playback Singer -------   Seven times.

After 1970, 23 times Yesudas won Kerala State Award.

In 1987, Yesudas requested State Government not to nominate his name in the Kerala State Award, to promote new singers.


K J Yesudas's life is without his music, In today's scenario he finds his soulful voice to represent people's problem.

             GANGANDHARVANE  PRANAMAM........

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