Alummoodan - Comedy's Language on Malayalam Silver Screen

In the life of Cinema, an unpredictable turning point turns out an unbearable loss as Alummoodan Malayalam actor got heart attack as his last call. 

Alummoodan - The Actor 

In 1992, Alamoodan was 58, when he died on the sets of Priyadarshan directed film 'Adwaitham' and movie's Mohanlal combination scene was his last take as he fell down in to the hands of actor Mohanlal. His eyes gets closed when many precious characters awaits him in Malayalam cinema.

Alummoodan Malayalam actor
Alummoodan in 'Kasargod Khader Bhai' movie.

  • Dominic's transition as Alummoodan into KPAC

Changanacherry's Chittipuzha, Joseph and Rossamma gave birth to the boy called Dominic who became the un-partitioned part of Malayalam cinema in the 1980's. His nickname was Thankamani, so the neighbor's also started call him by nickname. 

As acting for Dominic is above from the studies. He presented so many dramas in Chittipuzha. Dominic as name is not suitable for him as suggested by his mentors, so he changed his name to Allamoodan and it's effect was instant as he became the comic star of KPAC and Changanassery Geeta.

  • Actor's Entry to Malayalam Films

In the opera, Alummoodan's lean figure appeared as big humour to the audience. 1966, 'Anarkalli' was his first film. He got his big break in the movie called 'Nadhi' as the character of 'Paili' in 1969. With this movie he dived in to the hearts of Malayalees as that period was dominated by likes of 'Adoor Bhasi and Bahadoor'.

He had his own style as he interfere into script as his own movie and provide the best out of him to create the beautiful scene for the director, that ability of Alamoodan helped him to survive for three decades in Malayalam cinema. 

Alummoodan with Mohanlal in Adwaitham movie
Alummoodan in Mohanlal starrer Adwaitham movie

Above all from his dialogue delivery, he preferred his body language to glow the lights of comedy on silver screen. With his unique walking style and dialogue delivery make every tough person to bow down in front of him.

-    Alummoodan Filmography

 'Aacharam Ammini Osharam Omana'  - Gopalan, Mamakam's - Rairu, Manjhil Virinjhe Pookal - Kushalan, Ittikarra Pakki's Hasan, Ariyapadath Rahasyam's - Andrews, Panchavatti Palam's- Yudaas, Kunjhaata Keeli's- Discipline Dicroose, Yatra's -  Parmu Nair, includes his caliber of acting. 

 These all characters defined his yearly maturation to perfection. His wish was to act in the title role accomplished with Tulsidaas directed 'Kasargod Khaderbhai'. His adaptation of afraid don made movie more hilarious, but unfortunately movie released after Alummoodan's death.


-   Alummoodan Family

 Rossamma is his wife and Joshi, Jolly, Gally, Boban, Beena, Deepa are his children in which Alummoodan's son Boban Alummoodan is also a well known actor in the Malayalam films, but unfortunately he doesn't get too much of opportunities to share the screen space.

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Published - Mar 14, 2010              last updated - 29 March, 2023


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