"Balyakalasakhi" Malayalam movie review

'Balyakalasakhi' Malayalam movie review
This is an opportunity for those people (especially new generation) who have not read the novel "Balyakalasakhi" written by Vaikom Muhammed Basheer. However its adaptation on silver screen by Pramod Payyannur, manages to stay at the simple level and that seems to be missed that intensity to enamor. Definitely it has been the precious effort from the crew to ensemble this chef-d'oeuvre. At last, Malayalam movie "Balyakalasakhi" may not be the taste for all, but has its engrossing moments as well.....

 The protagonist here is Majeed (Mammootty) and through his reminiscence
we enter his childhood love feelings towards Suhra (Isha Talwar). Majeed is born to rich parents (again Mammootty done Majeed's father) and mother (Meena), where he kind of trapped in the love of Suhra. As far as Majeed is concerned, Suhra had become everything for him.

 On the other, Suhra's family hails from poor background and despite of being in poor condition her father manages to provide education to their children by sending them to school. Suhra was much interested in studies, but her father's death shattered all the dreams. In this juncture, Majeed request his father to sponsor Suhra's further education, which led to the feud between father and son.

After the refusal from his father on spending money for Suhra's education, Majeed leaves his home, which forms the rest of this romantic musical drama.

 At times movie looks more melodramatic rather than a classic version. Here first half goes pretty smoothly that almost sense presence of novel, while second half goes out of track with some unnatural addition. Naturally the comparison will happen in terms of a classic novel and a movie, director Pramod Payyannur could have adjusted that flaws, then this would turns out a glorifying attempt. We appreciate director and his crew's effort and time that they have put into the making of this movie.

 Dialogues were at pleasing level, so does department of art enchants the story telling. Hari Nair's direction of photography also input the needed touch. Manoj Kannoth's editing should have been more precise. Songs have its importance there with the greats like K Raghavan master and K J Yesudas have reached sublime. Shahabaz Aman's music and Bijibal's background score also enhanced the visual observation.

 Personally, In two of Majeed's it was father's getup that shown some caliber for actor Mammootty and the other one seems to have gone with the winds. Two of the child's who have enacted Majeed and Suhra's childhood, done the wonderful job. Isha Talwar wasn't suited her character with way she emoted on the screen. Meena done a commendable job, while Seema Biswas, Tanushree Ghosh, Mamukkoya, Sunil Sukhada, Parambrata Chatterjee, KPAC Lalitha, Sasi Kumar, Kavitha Nair and others have justified their characters as well. Living Art Film Factory and Red Cinema banner are the producers.

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