M Jayachandran - Tuning the Hearts.....!!!!!!!

M Jayachandran - Tuning the hearts
With the Success, there also a critics help, this music director to regain to stay at the top and he faces all problems with his broad smile. He is the busiest music director's of Malayalam cinema . With elegant touch of his hand beats and Ragams, give unique flavour to the music. He is non other than M.Jayachandran.

        Everytime, when he start the song, he looks for the situation and character of the movie, thats why all his songs are loved by music lovers. 

 In the movie "Kadaksham", Jayachandran trying to represent the old hit "Prananathan Enikyu Nalkiya" with his own musical touch. 

 Jayachandran also share the seats of reality show as judge in the Mini Screen. M.Jayachandran's new projects are Kadaksham, Pramani, April Fool, Shikar, Manikyakala and an unnamed movie of Fazil.

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