Lyrics from Poetry.........

He is the soul-mate of numerous songs, poetry in every line, emotions filled words, lyrics that touch bottom of every heart. Malayalam cinema's department of lyrics has unique seat for Rafeeq Ahamed who is more a poet then lyricist. Sailing in the sea of poetry and cinema lyrics, behind this the talent is basking in the glory of success.

"Sufi Paranja Katha" song "Thekani Kolayachumaril" has

bring him the best lyricist award of Kerala State, polished his glory even more. With the strong lyrics his songs were competing each other. Each of these songs has his signature of heart, which arouses listeners to hear again and again. But in his personal life, Rafeeq Ahamed has strong beliefs. He has his own views about lyrics, that's why he hasn't compromise in that section.

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