"Malarvadi Arts Club"

Malarvadi Arts Club movie
With lots of thrills and touchy moments, Vineeth Sreenivasan first directorial venture "Malarvadi Arts Club" is ready to rock the malayalam cinema. Thousands of entries were piled up on the table in front of Vineeth, when he announced his project, Vineeth chose few fresh faces and approached his cinema with the motive of giving new look to the Malayalam cinema.

             On the sideline of villages, young hearts feel of love, approached
fantastically by the new comers - Prakashan, Kutu purushan, Praveen, Santosh, Geetu and along with them, there is veteran's of Malayalam cinema, Nedumudi Venu, Jagathy Sreekumar and also include comic star Suraaj Venjharamood, Saleem Kumar, Innocent, Lishoy, Manikanthan Patambi and Sreejith.

         A village named Mannisheri and there's inveterate youngsters among them manier do different jobs. They all work hard in the noon and get together in the evening in their club,"Malarvadi Arts Club" through that songs, poems and dance discussions goes on in the club and above all with this love of art, they looks for their new way of life. and one of them of the club reached the success which they never believe and club celebrated the success of the member, but other members have guilty of what they lost. The transition through pertaining to a young to the youth were uniquely picturised by Vineeth. When Vineeth approached with the one line of Story to his friend. Vineeth get the positive response, Vineeth completed his scripts by manier times changing the view.

Poster design angle of Malarvadi Arts Club
           "Malarvadi Arts Club" may be the answers to those who have sounded that there should be no change in Malayalam cinema, because it has that much effort put by Vineeth Sreenivasan.

                    Waiting With Fingers Crossed.....

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