"101 Urupikka".........!

There is mere a village in Kerala, where we not found any broker. In every field from Real Estate to the basic neccesities, brokers book their seats. 

                      Here it is the story of Brokers in a movie - "101 Urupikka"., "Allavatam" movie director Raju Ambaran coming back after a short break with the movie "101 Urupikka". Its schedule begins in Cherayi. Story based in a Machadykara Village, where brokers made their positions. Machadykara's high standard broker is 101 B Sadashivan portrayed by Jagathy Sreekumar, whenever he commits a deal. He takes advance of 101 Rupees, that smart is Sadashivan.

                          Sadashivan's one and only daughter is Nandini played by Shrutilakshmi, bold and beautiful Nandini loves a young man called Kannan performed by Saiju Kurup. For the marriage of Kannan, His father Pittambaran pay advance of Rupees 101 to Sadashivan. Sadashivan's belief of his 101 Rupees advance has power of crore rupees, He lives with the passion of King. In Machady Village, After Sadashivan, there were Small Brokers like Barber Sarsan enacted by Indranse, Tea Stall Vendor Joskutty played by Harishree Ashokan, Arrived from Gulf Nasar summarissed by Mamukoya, Rasheed played by the Premkumar include the brokers.

                        One day, A Filmstar arrived in their village, Satyanath played by Suraaj Venjharamood. Satyanath came to buy land for his enhancement of property. From Sadashivan to all the brokers from the village available in the service of Satyanath. Then all were stunned to know that Satyanath is also a Broker.

                       With the Importance to Comedy, "101 Urupikka", For Edvana Films, Mujeeb Edvana is producing the movie. Raju Ambaran performed the story and direction. Rajukrishna is the man behind the camera. Lyrics are written by Rajesh Thirumala and Music is composed by Raghupathi.

Cast - Sai Kumar, Kottayam Naseer, Bheeman Raghu, Machaan Varghese, Kochupreman, Poojapurra Ravi, Bindu Panicker, KPAC Lalitha, Kaviyoor Ponamma, Sinath, Kanaklatha, Bindu Varapuzha, Ponamma Babu, Kullapulli Leela, Shrikutty, Joemol, Shobha Mohan, Mithila, Shanti include the actors along with the above describe actors.

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