Musically "M.G.R."

He never makes music a bussiness, touched the music with soul, M.G.Radhakrishanan does not know how to distract the listeners. A song reach to the listeners through the cinema. Above all he concentrated on giving life to the songs. He doesn't count on numbers instead of what was in his destiny, he made that song a true song with superb lyrics. 

              Like rain drops feel, Sadness and Sweetnees, it settled in the hearts of every listeners.

In 1978, Arvindan's "Thamb" gave birth to the music director M.G.Radhakrishanan, which makes tune up to over three decades in malayalam cinema. With his Clean image, he never mess up in controversies. He doesn't want to enter the era of loud music which beast the ears of Soft music lovers.

              However, M.G.Radhakrishanan gave music to few movies, but his songs still lives in the music lovers tongue. "Chamaram", "Manichitrathazha","Ananthabhadram" include his magic. 1993 released "Manichitrathazha's" every song open the doors of music paradise. when Director Fazil approached M.G.Radhakrishanan for this movie, then He(M.G.R) denied the project, but fazil's made him to agree for the project. Bichu Thirumala was the lyricist and M.G.Radhakrishanan made many sittings with Biju Thirumala to prepare the music. His research shows the effect of "Kunthalavarali" Raagam and "Ahari" Raagam in the movie.

       M.G.Radhakrishanan life
wasn't his fate, he was blessed to born in musically callibered family. His father Malabar Gopalan Nair was a famous Harmonist and musician and Music teacher Kamalakshiamma's son was blessed with goodness by birth. Sister Doctor Ommanakutty and Brother M.G.Sreekumar are noted persons in the music world. Music lover and M.G.Radhakrishanan's songs were beloved to the wife Padmaja. Wife Padmaja written few lyrics were also composed by M.G.R.

                    It was the time when M.G.Radhakrishanan completed his studies in Allappuzha's S.D.College, After that he joined Swathithirunaal Sangeeta Academy, where he learned the music and moved to Akashavani in 1962 as Thumburu Artiste. Art fields giant - Gangadharan Nair, Thirunainar Kurichi, Jagathy N.K.Achary include that time.

                 Akashvani's K.Raghavan Maash helped M.G.Radhakrishanan to move to cinema. He became the singer before his destiny in Music Direction. "Kallichellamma", "Sharashaiya","Ningalene Communist Aaki" are the few of M.G.R's movies as singer. While he learned lot about music from Akashvani. Later on He tried those tunes in the cinema which he prepared for Akashvani programmes include Bharathan directed "Chamaram's" - Natha Nee Varum song and Priyadarshan's "Rakuyeel Ragsadasile"- Pumukha Vadilkal Sneham song which was gave birth to the superhits of malayalam cinema history. M.G.R. retired as Music Composer from Akashvani in 2000 leaving his four decades stint with Akashvani. 

             While we narrate M.G.Radhakrishanan, there is another name which bonded with him and that is Kavalam Narayana Panicker. Combination of these two gave many songs which has lots of literal malayalam welcomed by malayalees with both hands. "Ghanashyama Sandhya Hridayam", "Odakuzhal Veeli", "Kuttalam Kuravanjhi", "Shri Ganapathiyude" include the touch of this combo. Both of them has credit of giving Lalithagaanam craze to malayalees. Both met up in the Akashvani, chemistry between the two reign malayalam cinema "Randaam Janmam", "Araavam", "Thamb", "Puram","Kanezhuthi Pottum Thotu" movies has the presence of this super jodi.

                      M.G.Radhakrishasnan gave many talents to the industry in which, K.S.Chitra and Sujatha are examples only.

M.G.R. never dies, he lives up with no complaint for music world, which doesn't aknowledge him.


Birth - 1940, Haripad.
Father - Malabar Gopalan Nair.
Mother - Kamalakshiamma.
School - Haripad Government L.P.School.
College - S.D.College, Allappuzha, Swathithirunaal Academy, Trivandrum.
Education - Ganabhushanam.
Wife - Padmaja.
Children - Rajkrishanan, Karthika.
First Movie - "Thamb"(1978).
Total - 71(Last Movie - Pakal,2006)

Kerala State Award for "Achaneyaan Inikyeishtam"(2001) and "Ananthabhadram"(2005).
In 1996, M.G.Radhakrishanan done Six movies, Thirty Four movies as Singer with the beginning in "Kallichellamma" in 1969 and "Sharashaiya". 

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