Balan Pilla City's Paalunni...........!

If we guess, which district of Kerala surrounded with Mountains and Forests. Definitely answer will be Allappuzha District.

                      On the one side of Allappuzha touch the sea and the other one touch the river and greenery filled part of this district. This Allappuzha districts central point, where our beloved actor Kunjacko Boban's residence came and where he spent his childhood. With the background of Udaya Studio, Chackochan's native place is Allappuzha, it may be known to many cinema lovers, but it has different aspect when we use it here. Allappuzha has another name to its distinct called Eastern Venice. Chackochan now moved to Eastern Venice to Easter part of Southern India in Kerala in high range village in Iddukki District named Balan Pilla City.

                                    Lal Jose Directing movie "Elsamma Ennaankutty" has Kunjacko Boban
in the lead character of Milk Vendor Unnikrishanan. He gets the nickname of "Paalunni". you can say that Balan Pilla City wakes up with the call of Paalunni. 

                               For the first time Chackochan appearing in Lal Jose Movie, Previously Chackochan miss  the opportunity to become the part of Lal jose movie "Classmate", but his wait for the Lal Jose movie came to end with this "Elsamma Ennaankutty".

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