Subairum Vida Choli..............

Malayalam Cinema has one more demise of an actor named Subair. 

              Subair, who acted in Cinema and Serial's in different characters, died in Ernakulam due to sudden heart attack took place. Subair had a job in abroad, but his love for cinema bring back him in Malayalam Cinema. We can say that Subair don't get the roles, what his ability can prove. He had to compromise with the roles of Police Officer and Politicians.

                     His performance in the Movie "Raudram" made his expectations level higher, but later on his characters doesn't have that punch to counted for his future and family, Cinema haven't done too much he realized and Leaves to America for a job, Subair's calculations mismatched with the death of his father, made him to comeback to India for the family and he again turned to the cinema. His last movie was B.Unnikrishanan directing "The Thriller".

                             Subair came to the cinema in 90's includes 200 characters of different shades. He planned to produce a movie with his friends, but his expectations never held in cinema, fate call him to heaven. Thallassery Choklee native Subair was survived by wife Dilshaad. Son Aman and a few week past Daughter. applauds his work for Malayalam Cinema and remember his great soul with the heart felt condolences to his family.

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